Yanomamo and Yoruba

Mary Anne Wolff No. Reading HS (mawolff@K12.OIT.UMASS.EDU)
Wed, 3 May 1995 16:37:35 -0400

I teach Anthropology as an elective to juniors and seniors at North
Reading High School in N. Reading Mas. I'd like help with two
What reactions do those familiar with the Yanbomamo have to the recent
National Geographic TV film about Ken Good returning to his wife's village
and the subsequent events portrayed in relation to he and Yarima and their
children. I'm asking about the "accuracy" and emphasis of the film as well
as any reactions to the situation in general. since I,m deciding whether to
use the film.

Also, I have a student is doing on the Yoruba in particular and Nigeria
in bgeneral. We are having trouble with resources in our school and local
libraries. Are there any especially good resources you would recommend we
search for in university or bigfger libraries.?
Thanks for any6 help you can give!
Mary Anne Wolff
N> Reading, MA 01864