Multicultural Experience "Melting Pot vs. Salad Bowl."

Shahin Nassirkhani (eapu464@EA.OAC.UCI.EDU)
Mon, 1 May 1995 02:29:33 -0700

Please read *only* if you live in southern california or if you plan to be
here between may 1st to may 13th.

Saddleback College (714-582-4500) is having a celebration of many cultures
titled "The Multicultural Experience: Melting Pot vs. Salad Bowl,"
presented by the Associate Student Government.

This event is free of charge for everyone and refreshments as well as
limited samples of "ethnic" foods will be offered for free. The highlights

o Tribal Drumming w/ a DJ, followed by a drum circle (may 1, 10am)

o Professor Ray Rayus on "Our Society viewd as a Melting Pot vs.
a Salad Bowl." (may 1, 12 pm)

o Dr. Pete Espinoza on "Race Relations and Conflict Resolution,"
followed by Professor of Anthropology Mike Merrifield on
"What is Race?" (may 1, 1pm)

o Speaker Rudolfo Anaya on Latina(o)/Chicano(a) issues (may2, 12am)

o Indian Bharatnatyam Dancers (may 3, 1pm)

o NATIVE AMERICAN POW-WOW (may 4, 12:30 pm)

o Belly Dancers from Middle-East Asia (may 8, 11am)

o Professor Ann Cox on "Women and the Feminist Movement" (may9, 1pm)

o The Rwanda Dancers followed by Reggae band Bukkiah (may 10, 12pm)

o Speaker Jeff Richards from the Outreach Program on "The Gay
Movement, How It Began and the Problems of the Past and
Present." (may 11, 11:30am)

o Band Huayacaltia performing on Sat. May 13th

o Jamaican, Thai, Indian, Native American, Persian and other
cuisines and refreshments will be offered for free.
beautiful t-shirts of this event will be available for only $5

- For a program or poster of this event please email me or send mail to:

Bobbaq Afshar
c/o A.S.G.
The Legion of Anthropology Students, Box 69
Saddleback College
28000 Marguerite Pkwy
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

For more info call (714) 582-4517--ask for Bobbaq Afshar or Shalini Dowlani

Take the 5 south towards South Orange County, Exit Avery and
go East. Make a Left on Marguerite, pass 4 traffic lights and go
Right on the 5th, College Drive. Park at any meter, good luck!