s.t.champion (S.T.Champion@SOTON.AC.UK)
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 11:11:54 GMT

Dear listmembers, please excuse (necessary) cross-postings


This is to announce the long-awaited Dragonby reunion on the occasion of the
publication today of the Dragonby report. Over 1000 people dug at this
site, many of them from the US, Denmark and elsewhere in Europe, as well as
from the UK, hence this posting to all four lists.

A snailmailing with details of this exciting event, to be held on 8
SEPTEMBER 1996 at Normanby Hall, will be sent in the next few weeks to all
for whom we have a current address, so please contact me *as soon as
possible* with your details, and those of any others with whom you may be in
contact (or have been more recently than 1973), who may not be on these
lists or on email. Announcements will be made regularly on our
Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe 'Announcements' page at

With promises of attendance already from everyone so far contacted, this
one-off event seems set to be an extraordinary (and nostalgic) occasion - so
if you are out there, please mail me NOW. The Captain wants to see you!


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