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I am eager to reach graduate or professional students on your list
for whom there exists an exciting opportunity described below. Please
do forward this message to your list. There is a deadline associated with
this, and it would be helpful to post as soon as possible!

Thanks and Cheers,


(Full and partial scholarships are available.)

Integrating Experiential and Intellectual Work to Build a Sustainable Future

This summer two intensive leadership training programs are being
offered for graduate students from a variety of academic fields and
cultural backgrounds who are seeking to devote their professional lives
to building a sustainable future. The purpose of these programs is to
fill a critical gap that exists today in most academic ecology programs.
Traditional curricula are imbued with scientific and economic models
of environmental problems, but the larger cultural and spiritual
dimensions of the ecological crisis are generally omitted.

These programs have grown out of the successful pilot program
organized last summer by the Center for Psychology and Social
Change, an affiliate of the Department of Psychiatry at The Cambridge
Hospital, Harvard Medical School; Boulder Institute;
and Positive Futures. The three organizations decided to expand the
work by holding two programs, one on each coast, in 1996.

Each 1996 program will have its own distinctive nature and set of
leaders and guests, and both will integrate experiential work
(meditation, solo time in nature, Holotropic Breathwork - a technique
for inner exploration) with recent intellectual developments, exploring
such new paradigm thinking as chaos theory and the gaia hypothesis.

One program is being offered on the east coast, north of Boston, and is
entitled the Leadership Institute: Building Sustainable Communities.
This Institute will run from June 17-23, and is organized by the Center for
Psychology and Social Change and Positive Futures. Facilitators are Fred
Abraham, author and acclaimed leader in the application of chaos theory to
human psychology; Sarah Conn, Ph.D., a practitioner and theoretician of
ecopsychology; Diane Haug, M.A., L.P.C.C., a certified practitioner of
Holotropic Breathwork and a member of the Grof Transpersonal Training staff;
Honey Black Kay, M.Ed., a Holotropic Breathwork instructor who has trained
intensively with Dr. Stanislav Grof; James Thornton, J.D., Executive Director
of Positive Futures and formerly one of the nation's top environmental lawyers.

The other program is being offered June 11-16 on the west coast, outside
San Francisco, and is entitled New Directions in Ecological Activism.
This Institute is being organized by Boulder Institute
and the California Institute of Integral Studies. Facilitators are Will
Keepin and Johanna Johnson, directors of Boulder Institute; Tara Strand-Brown,
Executive Director of Institute for Deep Ecology; Duane Elgin, author of
_Voluntary Simplicity_; with guest faculty Andre Carothers, Chair of
Greenpeace USA; Richard Tarnas, author of the landmark book _Passion of the
Western Mind_ and others.

Preference will be given to applicants living near these locations, so
that ongoing networks can be established after the Institutes.

You can contact me for more information on the participating
organizations and faculty and how to apply at
Application deadline is April 15th! Please indicate which program you
are interested in!!