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"Dorothy J. Cattle" writes:
> List members:
> In light of the concern over BSE {"mad cow disease"} and its alleged
> transmission to humans, I was wondering if someone on this list could
> provide a brief list of well-written articles/books on kuru which would be
> accessible to/readable by non-anthros. Can post to me off-list. Thanks.

Kuru and prion references:
Gadjusek, DC 1977. Unconventional viruses and the origin and disappearance of
Kuru. Scuence 197:943-960. (reprinted Nobel laureate address)

Pruisner, SB 1995. The prion diseases. Scientific American (Jan):48-57.

Glausiusz, J 1995. A cult of proteins. Discover (Feb):29. (a brief news account
of the prion mechanism)

see also
Arens, W 1979. The Man-Eating Myth. Oxford.