Re: Boas et al & New Right

Iain Davidson (idavidso@METZ.UNE.EDU.AU)
Tue, 26 Mar 1996 11:23:11 +1100

>This week's *Nation* (April 8) has an excellent article by Micaela di
>Leonardo: "Patterns of Culture Wars; The Right's Attack on 'Cultural
>Relativism' as Synecdoche for all that ails us" (pp 25-29). Oddly, Freeman vs.
>Mead has popped up as a thread on SKEPTICS-L in re: a new stage play about how
>the AAA persecuted Freeman for criticizing relativism..... (The latter a new
>play --no author or title given-- in Australia which someone from Oz was
>asking for comment on. )

The play is by David Williamson, one of Australia's most successful
playwrights, and is called Heretic. It opens in sydney this week, I
believe (why don't you all come and see it?) The press here has given it
good coverage, and it appears that Freeman has been closely involved in
workshopping it.

I get the impression , too, that in addition to comments on the
A(presumably -merican) AA, there is a discussio about how Mead was given
wrong information by her informants and used it without knowing it was
wrong. That may be rather an important issue in anthropology.

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