Job Announcement - long

Mon, 25 Mar 1996 10:10:11 EST

Associate Director - CDC

This may be redundant information, but this seemed like a good
opportunity for someone reading this list! or for someone you know who
doesn't: WE received in AAA office today 3/22 -- notice dated 3/12 and
replies due 3/28 --

Senior Executive Service Vacancy - HHS
Associate Director/Washington DC ES-601/602
Announcement NO. ES-96-4
Opening Date Feb 26th
Closing Date April 2nd (BUT SEE BELOW)
Office of the Director
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Public Health Service
Department of Health and Human Services
Washington, DC
Salary Range 100-122K, at least one year at GS15 level or equivalent,
required MD, Ph.D., or earned doctorate, broad knowledge of federal
public health programs and Congressional and Executive proceedings and

Letter reads (approximately___) CDC is seeking candidates for an
associate director of its Wash, DC office. the person would represent
and act on behalf of the director, CDC, with high level officials within
Dept of Health and Human Services, as well as interpreting CDC and ATSDR
policies to Congress and high-ranking officials of other federal
agencies. ... must explain, defend, negotiate, and settle issues of
major consequence to the agency's mission. Formal personal
recommendations to
Nancy Peterson,
Human Resources Management Office,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
Mailstop K07,
4770 Buford Highway,
Atlanta, GA 30341-3724,

by MARCH 28. Her tele phone number is 770/488-1785 and fax number is
Candidates who choose to apply should submit a curriculum vitae or
optional form OF-612 or standard form SF 171 & include position title
and announcement number, previous job responsibilities relevant and a
list of relevant publications AND an executive core qualifications
narrative to the above address, postmarked by 3/28. Note: The cited
Executive Core Qualifications statement is a narrative which provides
info about experience, education, accomplishments, and or potential
relating to the five elements below.... addressing each element,
furnishing such information as a description of the activity, the
environment in which the activity took place, how the outcome was
evaluated, and examples to illustrate the experience where appropriate.
I will not type everything under each element, but be sure to talk about
institutional experience, especially state, federal or Congressional
experiences, mentioning management and technology buzzwords, efficiency,
productivity, utility, performance standards, expansive professional
networks, financial systems, information systems, procedures and
processes... If you're eligible, you'll know the rest ..

1 Strategic vision
2 Human Resources Management
3. Program Development and Evaluation
4. Resources Planning and Management
5. Organizational Representation and Liaison

This came to AAA placement service, too late for use in newsletter, but
Ms. Puri, our placement officer, knew I was on anthro-l and asked me to
post it ASAP... Sorry for the typos...

Patsy Evans
Director, Minority Affairs
American Anthropological Association
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