Voting on a moderated archaeology newsgroup

Doug Weller (dweller@RAMTOPS.DEMON.CO.UK)
Sun, 24 Mar 1996 17:02:39 GMT

Voting has begun on the proposal to create a new moderated
newsgroup for the discussion of archaeology,

If you're interested in voting on this you need to get the CFV (Call for
Votes) which fully describes how the new group would work and how to
vote for (or against) it.

There are various ways to get the CFV. to and ask for the CFV for sci.archaeology.moderated

2.Find it in news.announce.newsgroups - <>


4.Or ftp to, change to /usenet/news.announce.newgroups/sci
and get sci.archaeology.moderated

The last two methods will give you an archive which includes the first
two RFDs (Request for Discussion -- sorry about all the initials!),
and the CFV. Unless you are really interested in the historical
changes, you only need to look at the CFV which has both instructions
for voting and complete details of what you are voting on (except
for the list of proponents, which is in the RFDs).

If you have any problems, email me.

Doug Weller
Owner UK-schools mailing list: email me for details