Whatever happened to the power thread?

John McCreery (JLM@TWICS.COM)
Sat, 23 Mar 1996 13:56:24 +0900

I had thought of writing something in reply to Holly
Swyers' query "What ever happened to the power
thread?" T. Kavanagh has beaten me to it. He says
"cocktail party," my favorite image is a neighborhood bar,
where new folks wander in from time to time but most of
the interaction goes on among the regulars. What I like
about my image is that, at least among the regulars, we'll
spend enough time together to get to know each other and
where we stand on things. Thus, while my attitude is
perhaps less cynical, I do see a lot of truth in what
Kavanagh says. Someone raises an interesting issue.
Within a few rounds we've all contributed the first few
things that come to mind and, perhaps, a bit of the kind of
insight that crops up now and then in casual conversation.
To go beyond this point would, God forbid, require serious
work. We'd actually have to read the things that other
people refer to and do some research to develop data that
would move the discussion to the next stage. Could be
worth thinking about.

John McCreery
March 23,1996