Re: SMA homepage

Julio Alberto Wong Un (zecam@OMEGA.LNCC.BR)
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 21:51:29 -0300

Are there similar sites -Medical Anthro related- in other parts of the wide
More than one of us would like to know, don't we?

At 19:21 18/3/96 +0000, E J Sobo wrote:
>Hi All! The Society for Medical Anthropology is building a home page,
>and the address is
>Any comments or suggestions regarding the home page would be welcome.
>Anthro; U of Durham; 43 Old Elvet; Durham DH1 3HN (UK)
>ph (0191) 374-2846; fax 374-2870; international +44-191-374-

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