Tue, 19 Mar 1996 11:21:34 -0500

Yesterday i sent a post to the list about Girard's theory of sacrifice. it
is a complex yet intriguing theory. Other recent books on sacrifice that
interested folks might peruse are:

(Girard, Violence and the Sacred, 1977/1972)
Bloch, Prey Into Hunter, 1992.
Jay, Throughout Your Generations Forever: Sacrifice, Religion, and Paternity
Bataille, Theory of Religion, 1989/1973.
Beers, Women and Sacrifice: Male Narcissism and the Psychology of Religion,
1992. (I have not read this one, however)
Burkert, Homo Necans: The ANthropology of ANcient Greek Sacrificial Ritual
and Myth, 1983/1972 (a classic)
de Heusch, Sacrifice in Africa: A Structuralist Approach, 1985.
Hamerton, Kelly, ed., Violent Origins: Walter Burkert, Rene Girard, and
Jonathan Z. Smith on Ritual Killing and Cultural Formation, 1987.

And, of course, Hubert and Mauss, E-P, etc., etc.

-Eric Silverman.