Computers and Cross-cultural communication

Mr R Wookay (anbrrw@UPE.AC.ZA)
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 15:21:23 GMT+0200

My name is Reidwaan Wookay. I am currently reading for my masters
degree by dissertaion at the university of Port Elizabeth in the
Department of Anthropology.

The title of my dissertation is: "The computer as cross-cultural
communicator : Its contribution to cross-cultural understanding in
South Africa" .

The dissertation of divided into two parts. The first part deals
with the computer as a communications tool. The second deals with
the various theories in cross-cultural communication. Any of you on
the list with knowledge of sights, information, etc, pertaining to
these areas could you please e-mail me or post to the list.

All help will be appreciated.


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