Re: Evolution in Cartoons

Sun, 17 Mar 1996 17:42:00 CDT

Oh, now I see where the problem lies. You are missing what I was concerned

First off, no need to get snooty -- or ad hominem for that matter.

>I wasn't aware that you had personal knowledge of the "writers" in question
>educational background.
Second, this is not about writers using "alternative" evolutions or stretches
of reality in their work. I accept that.

This is hardly the first time writers have used
>"alternative" evolutions or other stretches of reality in their work. There
>is "Journey to the Center of the Earth", the genetic stretch in "Jurassic
>Park", "2001: A Space Odessy", etc.

The misunderstanding is in the statement "You are not a separate race from us;
you have just evolved differently." The misunderstanding is in the articulation
of the implications of significant reproductive isolation and separate lineages
for human variation over millenia.

The alien fantasy scenario is not a problem for me here -- it is a fantasy
cartoon full of all those amazing superpowers.

>Sorry, but I see no "obvious"
>misunderstanding of anything except for the concept of what is fiction.
>Besides that, while the evolutionary history portrayed in the
>cartoon did not happen it is possible.

Improbable, but possible, I suppose; however, that was never my main point.
The point is -- and always will be -- that people who would write that line
about the implications for "racial" variation due to evolution as we understand
it to have occurred on earth don't understand either evolution or the process of
differentiation among populations. It is a window into our culture's
understanding -- or lack thereof -- of an important scientific concept when we
see and hear statements like this.

>However, my point is this ... fiction is not nor should it be required to be
>based in fact unless the fiction in question is being made to educate.

Agreed. I make no demand that the fiction be based in fact, but only that the
"factual" statements be based on fact. IN this case, the writers are saying, in
essence, "We are all one family, because we are related genetically and through
the evolutionary process." This statement was not fiction nor fantasy, although
the story itself was both.

Signing off on this thread.

Anj Petto