Sources on Anishnaabe (Ojibwe) ceremonies, songs, prayers

David McKee (dgmckee@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU)
Sat, 16 Mar 1996 12:33:04 -0600

I am looking for textual resources concerning Anishnaabe rituals,
ceremonies, songs, and prayers. Have read what I can find by Landes,
Hilger, Densmore, Tanner, Johnston, Schoolcraft, Copway, and some others.
The problem is with finding any kind of actual text or oral reports of the
content of ceremonies, i.e., the words that are used to describe ritual
actions (there is some of this, but not much in the actual language of the
participants), or words of prayers that accompany ritual actions, or words
of prayers that accompany regular daily activities (e.g., hunting).
Densmore's volumes on songs/music have the most concrete material, but I am
looking for anything else that might be available. Would welcome human
sources as well, i.e., other people I might contact about this.

If this request is too vague, please reply with questions. I'll try to be
more specific.

Please send replies to:


David McKee