Ruby Rohrlich

Wed, 13 Mar 1996 22:20:46 EST

I would like to suggest that the members of this list show Ruby
Rohrlich the same consideration that she shows to others. While she
has controversial and confrontive 'constructive criticism," Ruby has
always acted with courtesy and consideration of others.
Even if you do not agree with her, Ruby is a valuable resource for
this list. While I have stated my admiration for the debate between
McCreery and Davenport, I believe Ms. Rohrlich's comment concerning
the dispossessed in our societies and "their relation" to power to be
the most insightful in that it concerned the real world problems that
Anthropology has been uniquely designed to effect.

I also believe that Ralph Holloway's valiant attempt to defend the
broadbased disciplines within Anthropology from the
"compartmentalization" of its "corporate" employers to be a resource

Please understand these are my personal "takes" and not to be
ascribed as their particular intents.