Gerry Waite (00gewaite@BSUVC.BSU.EDU)
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 16:09:15 -0500

I agrre with both of the posts I've seen today on the program thread-
I do think that misinformation is the same whether it's about history or
current coping skills I think the results are the same anyway
I for sure acknowlege that there are more than the usual social problems out
here to create the environment we see I also think that our
principle teacher of social reality is finding new ways to help people cope
great examples such as Rambo Die Hard and thousands of others too numerous
to mention I teach half my load in a max security prison and I see
more and more 16-17 year olds there because their reality says the
fastest biggest gun wins (and is the good guy too) and they really
believe this stuff wonder where they got it?
the other thing is that they aren't from disadvataged families---
(sorry my machine won't let me back up to correct disadvantaged)
Anyway I think there is really a lot of truth to the social climate
thing but there have been worse times and the end result wasn't the violence
we see now something is different and I think that it's our teacher
the Television for a large part of our population it is the only
source of history- current events- coping skills etc
And I believe that it is controlling our reality more each day -
There may be a time within the next generation or so that it creates the
cultural reality for all of us later Gerry