Re: Ruby flames and Rohrlich raves

Ruby Rohrlich (rohrlich@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU)
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 14:29:08 -0500

How did I flame you, Robert? You are r eplying to my legitimate
objection to your statement that the word "patriarch" was out of use by
calling me a "man-hater." You would be most fortunate if you had
relations with female anthropologists similar to mine with male
anthropologists, even with some on this list. When I talked about male
religious leaders I
mentioned those representing Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths.
What is the significance and implication of your selecting "Ruby's
rabbi"? what a lot of drivel you emit along with your talk about
Michaelangelo, etc. You did not once disprove my statements about the
patriarchal nature of U.S. society. Ruby Rohrlich

On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, Robert Thornton wrote:

> Ah, to be flamed by Ruby! I can feel the heat from here! Are Pat
> Buchanan, Bill Clinton and Ruby's rabbi really Patriarchs? How i
> WONDER, might Michaelangelo have painted such partiarchs onto the
> ceiling of MacDonalds, or prepared his HTML file for the Sistine
> Homepage? Is Hilary Clinton a Matriarch, then? The point was - and
> I don't want to waste more of people's time here -- that the idea of
> 'patriarchy' was lifted from a religious and nineteenth century
> discourse about the natural-ness of the primitive, and about a theory
> of human social evolution that seems irrelevant today. If Ruby wants
> to use it to mean 'everything I hate about men', I suppose that is
> her priviledge, but it hardly counts as an intellectual contribution
> to this debate.
> r
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