nine more like you the lotofya shall be spared

Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 15:19:12 CST

Adrienne Dearmas,

I was truly worried you wouldn't write. Let's say that Martin Cohen is
quite right about *class* being the dirty secret of ANTHRO-L. For which reason,
the difference between me and Martin Cohen becomes highly salient. I *must*,
being social scum, Human Garbage, the loathsome lowliest of the low, have my
own take on the question of class and the ongoing, progressive hierarchiliza-
tion of society. Nor is that all. I will not Shout It Out. That's for dirty
rugs. I am obliged to Scream It Out.

The class line is not something I drew. It is not something the Upper
Middles drew. It's something that *is*. Worse, as it was something I confident-
ly a-prioristically expected to enjoy as Earthly Paradise forever, yet found
out a bit late that I couldn't do it, and for hitherto-unanticipated, quite
unfathomable-at-the-time reasons, the fact that I couldn't do it became
*relevant*, eventuated in class hatred far more virulent than occurs among
those who accept their "BORN-TO-LOSE-ness" as Nature's Decree. (To amplify,
when I went to college, 1957-61, the Sociology Department was acrawl with such
mentally-deficient, hapless beings that I figured, "Even I can take these
turkeys." Assuming that I Grew Up. Which couldn't occur. I didn't realize it
then, still can't hardly put a finger on it, but I've got Missing Parts, some-
thing like that, such that *I cannot acquire the culture into which I was born*
and, for this very reason, life is sorta like *fieldwork without informants
among Aliens*.)

There's Normals, and there's me. I never encountered this worldview till I
read a couple of autobiographies of Autistics. Reason tells me, "There's Good
And Bad In Every Race." As Normals go, you, Adrienne Dearmas, are the greatest.

There's two reasons why Rohrlich's 'my boy'-ing sets off in me one of those
VENGEANCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD rages scaring the Normals out of the Computer
Room (no noise, jus the vibration from the thinking).
1. First and least, I have had one Jewish mother already, which was several
times too many.
2. Second and worst, it's the dirtiest lowdown piece of class-contempt
Rohrlich, who's done many disgusting things to vast numbers of folks in her
overlong life to this point, has ever got the opening to perpetrate on this
list. Wanna see the proof? Let Rohrlich try it on Ralph Holloway, now my good
buddy. Go ahead, Rohrlich, just call my man Ralph 'my boy.'

More later, Adrienne, I've gotta take a walk and cool down. Also, there's an
appointment on the other side of campus....

- Daniel