Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery

Junius Rodriguez (JRODRIG@EUREKA.EDU)
Sat, 9 Mar 1996 09:58:42 -0600

ABC-CLIO seeks scholars interested
in contributing assigned essays for
inclusion in its planned Historical
Encyclopedia of World Slavery.
This two-volume reference work,
targeted for publication in early
1998, will offer a comprehensive
assessment of the complex
institution of slavery across
cultures and throughout time.
Unparalleled in scope, this project
promises to produce a reference set
that stands alone as the best
source available for an
encyclopedic survey of slavery in
world history.

This project will cover the history
of slavery and the slave trade from
antiquity to the present. Entries
will consist of specific peoples,
kingdoms, settlements, nations,
tribes, political entities, armies,
campaigns, individuals, charters,
decrees, slave-trade routes,
historical events, laws, and
practices. Additional entries will
explore the nature of antislavery
thought and will highlight leaders
in the worldwide abolitionist

If you are interested in writing
for this project and would like to
receive a topics list, please
submit a letter of inquiry and a
curriculum vitae to:

Junius P. Rodriguez
General Editor, Historical
Encyclopedia of World Slavery
Eureka College
300 East College Avenue
Eureka, Illinois 61530

Should you prefer, you may fax this
material to (309) 467-6386, or you
may send it by e-mail to