Re: Evolution as fact

Thu, 7 Mar 1996 09:55:25 -0800

I think that as far as the recent legislation in Tennessee goes, we need
to consider this whole "theory" vs "fact" thing in slightly different
terms. Debating academic semantics among ourselves is enlightening and
enjoyable, but what the Tennessee legislature has done is enshrine
*popular* conceptions of what the word "theory" means into state law (is
it a law? or some other legislative "thingy"?).
In this case, then, we're dealing with "theory," as in "Oh,
that's only a theory", ie, "that's so close to untrue you may as well not
even mention it." A radically different kind of "theory" definition than
the one under discussion here, and a frightening one in terms of public
Donna Lanclos