Re: middle east *libyan* contacts

Iain Walker (ngazidja@JOLT.MPX.COM.AU)
Wed, 6 Mar 1996 15:17:10 +1000


I haven't been to Libya since before I was born, but I am an admirer of Qadhafi
and his ideas. By all accounts Libya is something of a success story, at least
seen from the inside, especially in view of 9or despite) the problems it has
with the US.

You might like to check out the Libya pages and links at:

Libya is not online; in view of the US restrictions on software exports to
Libya, it would be very difficult for Libya to link to the Internet.

Sorry, I have no firsthand experience of Qadhafi's Libya but if you want
to hear more positive talk about him, let me know!

Iain Walker

"mdru ukana hahe na ha nduhuze"