Kathy Heldenbrand (heldenbk@GROVE.UFL.EDU)
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 20:53:02 -0500

This sounds like a well thought out midterm paper to me.

Kathy Heldenbrand
University of Florida

At 11:34 PM 3/3/96, MR KALEX GRIFFIN wrote:
> I am new to the list and have greatly enjoyed the broad topics
>explored. I wonder if I may begin a new thread directed at both
>general opinion as well as those who teach "Symbolic" aspects of
>Anthropology and consider "Post-Modernist" approaches to ethnographic
> What is the validity of the various views presented by Jean
>Baudrillard in terms of his conclusions as to contemporary forms of
>"culture," their ethnographic "presentation," and his "conclusions"
>derived from his constructs of reality? Are his views based on
>"opportunistic" exploitation of "fashionable" and "nihilist" trends
>in contemporary "presentation" of "culture," or are his conclusions a
>more sophisticated version of the undercurrent of the neo-Fascist
>"presentation" engendered by "Corporate" culture?
> Does Baudrillard
>provide a "system" to understand violence in media?
> Is Baudrillard "valid" in considering a
>choice in approaching an ethnographic centering?
>Are there necessary "presumptions" in allowing Baudrillard a
>"required" hearing in "Post-Modernist" approaches to ethnographic