Re: Power

Lief Hendrickson (hendrick.mbr@ASME.ORG)
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 20:01:00 EST

On March 6, John McCreery wrote:

>Could power be conceived in other ways? Is there a fourth term
>besides force, the appeal to shared values, or buying support?
>Two loose ends for me are "influence" and "charisma." Perhaps
>someone else could comment on this.

Try the book, _The Myth of Male Power_, by Warren Farrell.

Dr. Farrell served for three years on the board of directors of the
Nation Organization of Women in New York. He has published several

Two reviews describe _The Myth of Male Power_ as:

"This is One Terrific groundbreaking and provocative as
_The Feminine Mystique was decades ago." - Carol Cassell.

"A bombshell...It attacks the unexamined assumptions of feminist
discourse with shocking candor and forces us to see our everyday
world from a fresh perspective" - Camille Paglia in _The Washington