Holly Swyers (nesn-info@CCE.ORG)
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 17:55:04 GMT

I am a newcomer to this list, so forgive me if my questions cover old ground
or seem out of place. I have noticed that an undercurrent of all this talk
about titles seems to be issues of respect and power. I am engaged in a
longstanding debate about the nature of power with a friend of mine and would
be interested to hear some other ideas, thoughts, etc.

What is power, and who decides?

Is it possible for us as anthropologists to separate our notions of power
from those that might exist in another culture - or to recognize a different
definition/explanation of power?

Is power different in public life vs. private life, and if so, which is the
more valid indicator of what a culture values?

I welcome responses to me directly or to this list. Thanks for your time.