Re: Hugh Jarvis's posting regarding archaeology at UWA

Hanson, Douglas (dhanson@FORSYTH.ORG)
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 07:27:53 PST

Most of Jarvis' posting seems to be the text of Mr. Neville's "speech". If
these parliamentary speeches are not part of the public record, then I
agree it should not have been posted. Since you indicate that a lot of
misinformation (disinformation?) is being presented on ANTHRO-L over the
Rindos Affair perhaps you would like to clarify UWA's standing on this
issue including its current legal position on the matter.

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Subject: Hugh Jarvis's posting regarding archaeology at UWA
Author: Bob Tonkinson <tonkinso@UNIWA.UWA.EDU.AU> at INTERNET
Date: 3/5/96 4:02 AM

I write as Professor and Head of the Anthropology Department at The University
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