Mon, 4 Mar 1996 11:07:31 CST

Several people have requested that I post the responses to my inquiry about
things students should not say to professors. Some of the responses went
to the list and some came only to me. Forgive the duplications in the
following. Also, some of the responses consisted of rather elaborate
stories. Not that I didn't enjoy them, but for my original purpose of
compiling a list for the advising units of my university I have either
eliminated those responses or drastically edited them. Nobody mentioned
it, but I assume that one could compile a list of things professors should
not say to students.
"Are you going to lecture on the first day?"
"Can we leave after the movie or do we have to stay for the discussion?"
"Do we have to read the whole book?"
"Do I have to know this" "Will this be on the test?"
"Does spelling and grammar count?"
"I can't take your exam because I have a really important test scheduled
for the next day and I have to study for it>'
"I didn't understand any of the lectures"--on the day before the final.
"I didn't understand any of the readings"--on the day before the final.
"I missed class Wednesday. Can I see your notes?"
"I missed class Wednesday. Did you say anything important?"
"I missed the film on Wednesday. Can you make a special showing for me?"
"I need an 'A' in this course because I'm pre-med."
"Mrs. <name>"--to a female professor with a Ph.D.
"Should I read the books or is it all in the lectures?"
"Should I come to class or is it all in the books?"
"Since we have Monday off, are you giving us Friday off, too?"
"That test question wasn't covered in class"--from the student with the worst
attendance record.
"This class is too academic."
"Why did we read the book? It wasn't on the exam."
Robert Lawless.