Titles and a query

Julia Holland (BEEBALM@AC.DAL.CA)
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 09:33:10 -0400

Firstly, about the query: my sister has a Masters of Education in
Psychopedagogie from Universite de Ottawa. She is a psychotherapist, and
wonders if it is legitimate for her to put, after her name, the designation
B.A., M.Ed. Psych; or will this get her into trouble with any official bodies
of psychologists. She is not claiming to be a psychologist! Just wants to
put her academic specialty after her M.Ed. I can't think of a problem with
that, I've seen B.A. Psych. around enough, but you never know...

Secondly, on the thread about titles and respect: my late ex-husband was
regarded by a friend, a medical doctor, as never being wrong - on anything! -
simply because he had that magical Ph.D. and used the title Dr. :) :)

Julia Holland
Dalhousie University