Re: text of new Tenn anti-evol. bill

Doug Weller (dweller@RAMTOPS.DEMON.CO.UK)
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 15:31:08 GMT

In message <> Christopher King recently said:

> So Tennessee law will state that evolution must be taught as theory and
> not stated fact. For me this is a nonsense bill since evolution is only
> a theory. Whether someone believes the theory to be fact is another
> issue. All the teacher is supposed to do is give the evidence in an
> objective manner so that the students can decide for themselves. The
> teacher does not in any way have to profess his/her beliefs.
> :)christopher

Theories are what science is all about, to say 'only a theory' is
to forget that it can't be more than a theory.
There are facts of course behind every theory, and there are
facts of evolution -- fossils, etc.
Creationists of course often challenge the existence of the facts.
The bill just shows the ignorance of the legislators or their
desire to please everyone. They could have been really ignorant
and demanded equal time for the (non-existent) 'theory of creationism'.

Doug Weller