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The following list is a summary of the contents of February 1996 EarthWINS
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EarthWINS Daily #71

1. Letter to the Democratic National Committee
2. UP Mines and Mining
a. Info Request: UP Mines and Mining
b. Re: UP Mines and Mining
3. Info Request: Copper heap leach mining
4. Info Request: Landfill Mining
5. Blackfoot Gold Mining Video
6. Gold mine in Connemara, Ireland
7. Freelance writer who focuses on environmental consequences of heap leach
8. A letter exchange Re: Stop Unsafe Mining
a. Letter from Yves Bajard Re: Stop Unsafe Mining
b. Response to Yves Bajard Re: Stop Unsafe Mining
9. Enviromine Posts
a. Graphite
b. Re: Reclamation Blasting and Open Pit Reclamation
c. Update from administrator
10. Pollution-mapping project
11. GIS: Geographical Information Systems
a. Info Request: GIS -- Geographical Information Systems
b. Re: GIS
c. Re: GIS
12. TOXSPILL: groundwater modeling program for use on DOS and Windows based

EarthWINS Daily #72

1. EPA Proposal on Mining Wastes
2. Clean Water Act and Mining
3. Broken Hills Pty. (BHP) in the Northwest Territories
4. Bohane on the OPM and Freeport (fwd)

EarthWINS Daily #73

Spotlight on the Proposed WI Exxon/Crandon Mine

ACTION ALERT! Local Agreement Being Made Behind Closed Doors

1. Forest County, WI Board Members Draft Local Agreement in Closed Session
with Crandon Mining Company (Exxon & Rio Algom Ltd.).
2. Letter from Tom Ward, President of WRPC, Crandon Chapter
3. CMC and Forest County Negotiating Local Agreement in Secret
4. Re: Exxon mine
5. Manually retyped copy of draft copy of Local Agreement by Forest County
and Crandon Mining Company.

EarthWINS Daily #74

1. Cyprus Bagdad Copper Corporation (CBCC) FEIS Available, Arizona
2. Intent To Prepare (SEIS): Sabine Mining Company (SMC) Harrison County, Texas
3. Excerpt from SC Action #166: EPA's Progress Against Pollution Will Be
4. Industry Info: Enviromine Posts
a. Mine closure planning
b. Re: Reclamation Blasting and Open Pit Reclamation
c. Re: Reclamation Blasting and Open Pit Reclamation
5. Friends of Endangered Species 2/1/96 Issue

EarthWINS Daily #75

RACHEL #471: The Four Horsemen of the Environment, Pt. 1
RACHEL #473: The Fourth Horseman: Nuclear

EarthWINS Daily #76

1. ABANDONED: a video about 6,000 abandoned hard rock mine and mill sites
in Montana.
2. Gold boycott
3. Info Request: Gold Giant Minerals
4. Freeport MCMORAN, PowerLink, and Irian Jaya
5. Re: Cyprus Bagdad Copper Corporation
6. Query re Hearst family/Corporation
7. Notice of Availability, Tucker Hill Perlite Mining Plan of
Operations Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)
8. Industry Info: Enviromine Posts
a. Re: Graphite mining.
b. Cyanide water quality standards
c. Open pit reclamation
d. RE: Cyanide water quality standards
e. Wetland Treatment Systems in Northern Environments
f. Re: open pit reclamation
g. Re: Wetland Treatment Systems in Northern Environments
9. "People's Env. Impact Study" Won!
10. Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance: What happens next?

EarthWINS Daily #77
Mining-Exchange News & Information Service

Table of Contents

1. Excerpt: Enviro-Newsbrief 2/6/96
2. FYI: UNEP Tech Centre Site
3. FYI: Island Resources Web Site
4. Industry Info: Enviromine -- Graphite Mining
5. Great Lakes Watch #2
6. Takings in the House

EarthWINS Daily #78

1. Lincoln Quotable
2. Undermining Democracy: Exxon Mine
3. Hearings on Elliot Lake Decommissioning Proposals
4. Omai Gold Mine Resumes Production
5. Presidential Candidate's Views on Energy
6. Excerpt from GREENlines: ESA Cases

EarthWINS Daily #79

1. Governors and Tommy Thompson wage war on tribal rights
2. NGOs protest Cardoso move on Indian lands
3. Omai Update
4. Public consultation
5. Corporate Database: Securities & Exchange Commission
6. Pamphlets on Groundwater
a. Protecting Our Groundwater, USEPA
b. Re: Pamphlets on groundwater, USGS
7. Uranium mine decommissioning Limousin
8. DU storage at Bessines licensed
9. Industry Info: Investors
a. Mining in Mexico
b. EdenRoc
c. Rio Amarillo - 13.5 Metres of 4.6 Grams Gold
d. Hemlo Gold drilling update
e. ANGLO-SWISS Sapphires Heading to Market
g. Pure Gold TSE (PUG)

EarthWINS Daily #80


EarthWINS Daily #81

1. Atlas Mill Uranium Tailings Draft Environmental Impact Statement
2. ACTION ALERT: April 22nd Day of Action Against the Mine
3. Data Available - Oak Ridge Distributed Active Archive Center
4. USGS Mine Drainage Newsletter
a. OSM Appalachian Clean Streams Initiative--Update
b. Possible Partnerships Between USGS, USBM, DOE, and the Mining Industry
c. "HANDS ON" Mine drainage - A proposed book for teachers and students
5. Cambior Wins Reclamation Award for Valdez Creek

EarthWINS Daily #82

Environmental Management in the Western Australia Mining Industry
Policy and Practice

EarthWINS Daily #83

1. Searching for sulfides
2. Excerpt from GREENLines Issue #56: "WORST EVER"
3. FYI: EPA Internet Newsbrief available
4. FYI: bioregional mapping
5. FYI: The New Bottom Line: business and environment list
6. Possible Diamond Fields/Falconbridge Merger
7. Industry Info: Quote from the Prospector Daily Mining News
8. Industry Info: Enviromine Posts
a. Dusting Agents for Tailings Dams
b. Cyanide water quality standards
c. Re: Cyanide water quality standards
d. Re: Cyanide water quality standards
9. Industry Info: E-mail mail-server mining-related news releases: NEWSMINE
10. Industry Info: NEWSMINE Posts
a. NEWSMINE-William Resources Inc Feb 12/96
b. NEWSMINE-Feb 12/96 Deep Stopes News
c. NEWSMINE-Misty Mountain Gold Limited Feb 12/96 [excerpted]
d. NEWSMINE-Donner Resources Ltd Feb 12/96

EarthWINS Daily #84
Mining-Exchange News & Information Service

Table of Contents

1. News from Brazil
2. Ukraine Coal Miners Vow to Continue Strike
3. Re: watershed protection
4. Industry Info: NEWSMINE-GMD Resources Corp Feb 13/96
5. FYI: Ecology Videos at On-Line Discount
6. FYI: United Nations Association-USA Annual Meeting
7. FYI: First Annual "Environment on the Net" Conference

EarthWINS Daily #85

1. Sendero teaches miners who's boss
2. Retrenchment For South African Miners
3. Report from Russia's coal fields
4. A Shaft of Light in a Dying Valley: British Miners Cooperative

EarthWINS Daily #86

1. Coeur D'Alene Mines Corps Mine in New Zealand May Be Forced to Close
2. Undermining Democracy: Forest County, WI & Exxon/CMC Continue to
Negotiate Local Agreement in Closed Sessions
a. County Board Meeting on mining agreement
b. Mining Committee meeting of February 7, 1996
c. Editorial: In Defense of Open Govemment
3. BHP Wants to Be Above the Law
4. Info Request
5. Mining in National Parks - Venezuala
6. Excerpt from GREENLines Issue #59: 135 ZEROS

EarthWINS Daily #87

1. WI DNR denies request for public hearing on Crandon Mine pipeline
a. Wisconsin DNR denies ECCOLA request for a public hearing on Crandon
Mine pipeline.
b. Letter from ECCOLA to DNR Secretary George Meyer requesting public
hearing on CMC proposed pipeline
c. Letter from George Meyer to Jim Wise re: request for public hearing
2. Citizens Coal Council: Monthly Update for January, 1996

EarthWINS Daily #88

1. News Bulletin for net: Cominco to Mine the Big Snowy Mountains of Montana
2. Toxic Mine Waste Stored at Continental Divide in Montana
3. Dene see diamond mine as land
4. Wisconsin Mining Info/News
a. Jackson County Hears Mining Sales Pitch
b. BHP to Begin Drilling
5. Info Request: Mining law reform
6. Info Request: Mining Companies
7. Western Australian School of Mines
8. Industry Info
a. Rio Amarillo Ltd. progress report
b. NEWSMINE-International CanAlaska Resources Ltd Feb 13/96
c. NEWSMINE-ITL Capital Corp & Riley Resources Ltd Feb 14/96
d. Canadian Mining Newsletter
e. Enviromine Post: SCRIP case history
9. American Rivers' 1996 Urban Rivers Symposium
10. Environmental Inequality Homepage
11. New Web Resources on Env. Justice
12. Excerpts from groundwater-digest V1 #31 Groundwater Models
a. Clarification on Groundwater Models
b. Re: Groundwater Models
c. Re: Groundwater Models
d. Clarification on Groundwater Models -Reply
13. CNI Action Alert: Republican War on the Environment

EarthWINS Daily #89

1. Smith Ranch ISL: deep well disposal
2. Excerpt from GREENLines Issue #61: "RIVER OF RED INK"
3. Innu Nation Review of Voisey's Bay Infrastructure
4. Browner, Thompson, Engler Conference call?
5. Question re Soils surveys & Discontinuing Hardcopy Publications
6. Info Request
7. FYI: Mamit Innuat (Innu of Quebec) web site
8. Industry Info
a. NEWSMINE-Spire Ventures Ltd Feb 19/96
b. NEWSMINE-William Resources Inc Feb 19/96
c. Enviromine Post: Link to Oregon's Mine Reclamation Program's Web Page
9. Ruminations on Guyana...

EarthWINS Daily #90

1. Environmental Enforcers Sue Dawn for Water Pollution
2. Second Dam At Mine Unstable
3. FYI: College of the Menominee Nation Live on the World Wide Web
4. Crandon Mine
5. Info Request: Re hardrock quartzite mining
6. Info Request: Need help for research project
7. Reuters Articles cited re: Kutubu oilfield, PNG
8. Amendment to Ore Mining and Dressing Point Source Category;
Effluent Limitations Guidelines and New Source Performance Standards
9. Industry Info: NEWSMINE-Goldcorp Inc Feb 19/96

EarthWINS Daily #91

1. Phelps Dodge
2. Info Request Re: Cusa-Chaissan Mine Proposal
3. Ukrainian miners stage massive strike
4. Wis Local Residents Find Mining Company in Violation of Town Ordinance
5. Brazil Indigenous Issues
a. European Parliament criticizes Brazilian Government
b. Brazil Reneges on Indigenous Rights
6. Excerpts from Groundwater Digest V1 #33
a. Re: References of potential contaminants by industry
b. Info Request: Risk with dewatering in quarry
c. Re: References of potential contaminants by industry
7. Industry Info
a. Environmine Post: Info Request about Coal Mine Fires
b. Voisey's Bay Action Ongoing
c. NCC Mining Rumor Indonesia Gold
d. BLYVOOR GOLD - a great turnaround

EarthWINS Daily #92
Mining-Exchange News & Information Service

Table of Contents: Freeport News - Trying Again by Pratap Chatterjee

1. INDONESIA-HEALTH: A Copper Mine of Death, Or Misplaced Blame?
2. INDONESIA-MIGRATION: Poverty Tracks Provincial Migrants
3. INDONESIA-IRIAN JAYA: Hostage Crisis And Separatist Fight Drag On
4. INDONESIA-ENVIRONMENT: Logging Threat Looms Over Birds' Paradise

EarthWINS Daily #93
Mining-Exchange News & Information Service

Table of Contents

1. Action Alert: Sterling Forest / Utah
2. Preventing Unsafe Mining in Wisconsin
a. Anyone Interested in Stopping the Crandon Mine--Hearing Notice
b. Environmental impacts of WI mine
c. Northern Wisconsin to Become Mining District?
d. 1995 Drilling for Minerals in Wisconsin
e. Local Agreement -- Mining Company Bluff!
4. Three New FWS Internet Servers, Including a List Server
5. Free Way to Call Your Senators and Rep

EarthWINS Daily #94

Table of Contents: Public Lands Report

EarthWINS Daily #95

1. RUSSIA: Nickel Miners On Strike In Russian Arctic
2. EPA Rating re: Tucker Hill Perlite Quarry Project DEIS
3. Writing Op-Eds: "Science on the Editorial Page"
4. Coalition for Corporate Responsiblity (fwd)
5. Excerpts from EPA Internet Newsbrief 2/23/96
a. Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) Web Page
b. The New Bottom Line - Business & Environment
6. The New Bottom Line: "Life Cycle Thinking"

EarthWINS Daily #96

1. BIA Loses Track of 2.4 billion
2. Info Request re: Cyprus Mininig Corporation
3. Wanted: Stories of Oil Industry
4. Industry Info: Enviromine
a. Abandoned underground coal mine fires
b. Oregon and Washinton BMP manual
c. Restoration German Brown Coal Open Pits
d. Re: Restoration German Brown Coal Open Pits
e. manganese removal from water
f. Info on Coal Mine Fires
g. Acid Mine Drainage
h. Re: Acid Mine Drainage
i. Acid Mine Drainage
5. Industry Info: Newsmine
a. NEWSMINE-Eagle Plains Resources Ltd February 20/96
b. NEWSMINE-Carlin Resources Corp. Feb 20/96
c. NEWSMINE- Laminco Resources Inc Feb 21/96

EarthWINS Daily #97

1. Excerpts from the Water's Edge
a. Introduction from the Northern Lights News Net, publishers of the
Water's Edge (WE)
b. White Pine Michigan and Mole Lake Mines/Copper sulfide mining
c. Meeting Notice re: White Pine Michigan and Mole Lake Mines/Copper
sulfide mining
d. Resolution opposing solution mining
e. Info Request
f. ONRW Designation for Lake Superior
g. Meeting Notice re: ONRW designation for Lake Superior.
h. What is 'Outstanding' and what is 'zero'
2. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers & proposed WI Exxon mine
a. USACE Crandon EIS Meeting, February 6, 1996
b. USACE Schedule for Exxon/Crandon Mine Environmental Impact Statement
3. PHILIPPINES: Local Miners 'Sold Out' to Foreigners, Say Activists

EarthWINS Daily #98
Mining-Exchange News & Information Service

Table of Contents

1. Workers Movement in Kazakhstan
2. Connection Between Cuban Planes Incident & Mining?
3. Excerpt from groundwater-digest V1 #37: Info request re Gravel mining
4. Crow Butte Resources Inc.: Notice of Opportunity for Hearing
5. New Listserve - LAWMINE
6. Dirty Secrets: The Corporations' Campaign for an Environmental Audit
7. Action Alert! Defeat Michigan Environmental Immunity Bill!
8. Submitting human rights complaints to United Nations

EarthWINS Daily #99
Mining-Exchange News & Information Service

Table of Contents

1. Report Says Dam Stability Uncertain
2. Daishowa Gags Lubicon Supporters
3. Industry Info: Enviromine
a. NPDES Draft General Permit for Alaskan Placer Miners: Alert
b. Introduction: Pat Pollard
4. Baltic region statistics on-line
5. Information on protected areas
6. GREENLines Gets a Web Page
7. U.S. Rep Gerald Solomon Threatens EPA
8. Treaties With Canada
9. For the non-lawyers out there, FYI (fwd)
10. NEW World-Wide-Web-Server of the Austrian Federal Environment Agency
11. 800 number update
12. Perspective on Humanity


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