Re: Titles and names

Mr. E (jackechs@EROLS.COM)
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 17:09:52 -0500

Goes on outside academia as well ... here I am thirty years old, degreed,
and maticulating my Masters ... just a lowly Functional Applications
Analyst. Over ten years of experiance, the degree, and I'm titled at the
level of recent grad. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I was promoted to Senior Functional
Applications Analyst! Skipping two rungs in the ole corporate ladder on the
way too. Finally a title that fits my level of experience ... 'course if I
had started at my company right out of college instead of serving the
country for seven years they wouldn't have to kick me up the rung, I'd be
there already or higher. Have a great weekend!

At 03:51 PM 03/02/96 -0500, Iain Barksdale wrote:

>>As a 30 year-old assistant prof, there are
>>lots of potential power issues relevant to university life: I look 18, I'm
>>at the bottom of the tenure totem pole
>Boy, can I relate to this. Although I'm male and 28, I often get treated
>as a student around the campus.