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Sat, 2 Mar 1996 14:41:00 CDT

about how to contact the sponsors of the NBC Mysterious Origins of Man (I
guess we have the origins of women figured out!).
You may also contact NBC directly <online@nbc.com>.
On Martians, I guess I overlooked that part of the program -- Maybe I
thought it was a promo for "Third Rock From the Sun!"
>>Subject: Contact the NBC sponsors
>>Scientists in general should be appalled at the Sunday program aired on NBC
>>TV "The mysterious origins of man". This was a sham. While I and the
>>others in evolutionary biology and paleontology have no problem with NBC
>>airing the program as science fiction, storytelling, or whatever, it was
>>clearly not science. It should have been so labelled and introduced. This
>>was a clear case of irresponsible broadcasting that distorts and
>>misinformed the American public about what science is and how science is
>>Since Sunday, I have attempted to get a response from NBC, its San
>>Francisco affiliate KRON-TV, or the producers without results. The best
>>seems to be that NBC Network is not responsible for content and its
>>affiliates pass it back to the network. Several respondents suggested that
>>the TV media cares not a damn about our's or anyone else's opinions, only
>>ratings and money. So . . .
>>Perhaps their sponsors will care. The sponsors of this poor program with
>>their contacts are listed below, courtesy of Mason B. Meers. If others
>>know of other local sponsors, please forward that information as well. If
>>you write them to object, it would seem to be consistent not to buy their
>>products either.
>>To quote one emailer: "What I find most ironic is that affiliates and
>>sponsors get involved with "obscenity" during prime-time, attempting to
>>shield children from violence and sex on television. The type of
>>deliberate, fraudulent misinformation broadcast Sunday evening seems far
>>more obscene than sex or violence." Couldn't be said better!!
>> Contact Possibilities
>> ---------------------
>>Kellogg's Cereal Home Page
>> www: http://www.kelloggs.com/
>> e-mail: none found... =(
>> phone: 1-800-788-8003 (Kellogg Catalog customer service dept.)
>> address: Garner & Nevins
>> Kellogg's Clubhouse
>> 1300 Parkwood Circle, Suite 300
>> Atlanta, GA 30339
>> NOTE: The address and phone number are for their catalog division.
>> You'll have to ask them for other phone numbers/addresses.
>>Toyota U.S.A.
>> www: http://www.toyota.com/
>> e-mail: none (they report "coming soon")
>> phone: none found - call your local dealer for more info
>> *they wouldn't give it to me...
>> address: none found
>>Toyota Corp. - Japan Headquarters
>> www: http://www.toyota.co.jp/
>> * partially in Japanese
>> e-mail: none found
>> phone: none found
>> address: none found
>>Chrysler Corporation
>> www: http://www.chryslercorp.com/
>> e-mail: chryslercars@chryslercars.com
>> * Note: this is actually for feedback about their web site
>> phone: 1-800 4-A-CHRYSLER (1-800-422-4797537)
>> * General information
>> www: http://www.jcpenney.com/
>> e-mail: none found
>> phone: 1-800-542-0800 JC Penney Co Inc.
>> 1-800-222-6161 JC Penney Catalog
>> 1-800-692-5246 JC Penney Financial Service-Claims
>> 1-800-527-8345 Penney J C Bridal
>>Olive Garden Restaurants
>> phone: 1-800-331-2729
>> *"Guest Relations Number"
>>M&M/Mars Candy
>> www: http://www.baking.m-ms.com/
>> *Note: this site is for a particular _product_ of the co.
>> e-mail: bakerman@www.baking.m-ms.com
>> *Note: e-mail goes with the above internet site
>> phone: check on a candy bar...
>> address: check on a candy bar...
>>Feel good about expressing yourself!!
>Andrew J. Petto, Editor
>Laura L. McMahon, Assistant Editor
>National Center for Science Education
>c/o Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin
>1180 Observatory Drive, MADISON WI 53706-1393
>Voice: 608/259-2926; Fax: 608/258-2415; Internet ajp3265@madison.tec.wi.us

Andrew J. Petto, Editor
Laura L. McMahon, Assistant Editor
National Center for Science Education
c/o Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin
1180 Observatory Drive, MADISON WI 53706-1393
Voice: 608/259-2926; Fax: 608/258-2415; Internet ajp3265@madison.tec.wi.us