Re: studentadvising...what one shouldn't say

Matthew Adrian Sammels (msammels@TARTARUS.UWA.EDU.AU)
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 13:39:19 +0800

I agree with what Amy has to say. My experiences with university
educators as a present undergraduate, I have found all academics from
tutors to professors, and in certain forums the VC, to prefer being
called by their first name. The reasoning behind this as told to us as
by a senior staff member in the Anthro. Dept. in our first ever lecture
was that each person knows what they are here for, and first name terms
allow much more open communication. But this also being Australia, the
land of egalitarianism, if one is to believe what Anthropoligists see in
Australian society (and why not believe it ???? it is true !!!), it is
this egalitarianism that makes us shun any form of titling when
addressing people.

Just my AUS$0.02632 (US$0.02 @1/3/96)

Matt Sammels

On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, Amy Ward wrote:

> I know this is somewhat of an irrelevant topic but this apparently
> bothers many of you "professors" out there. I am an undergrad and call
> my professors what they wish to be called. On the first day the teacher
> usually tells us what he/she prefers to be called, whether it be Dr.,
> professor,or by their first names. Most of my professors prefer to be
> called by their first names because they think the term professor is just
> an arbritary title. The lack of formality really helps interaction
> between the students and teacher.