Levallois tool in India

Paolo Emilio Bagnoli (peb@PIMAC2.IET.UNIPI.IT)
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 22:05:15 +0100

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While I was in India for tourism (Rajastan desert) last december, I
occasionally found a prehistoric tool during a very short stop on the side
of the road between Jodpur and Jaipur (about at half way).

It consists of a "turtle discoid nucleus" which is a typical artifact of
Medium paleolithic Levallois slivering technique. I know that this technique
is generally related to Neanderthal men who were never found in India (at
least to my knowledge). Unfortunately I had no time to search any other
tools or slivers.

The material is probably red sandstone; the negative sign of the obtained
main nearly-elliptic sliver is well evident on the top face.

I do not know if this tool can be of some scientific importance, so I need
some help.
In the case that this finding is important or if someone is interested, I
can take a photo or a drawing and send it by FTP or I can send the object
and comunicating the discover to the indian government.

Thanks in advance. PEB

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