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This came across my email, and I thought I would pass it on. Previous
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original alert remains intact, as I received it.


Date: 3/9/95 12:33 AM
From: Yvette Elaine Keller

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To anyone who cares about education---

At 5:00 pm CST today, Wednesday, March 8, USSA learned that the
House Education and Economic Opportunities Committee will mark up
next week legislation to eliminate the Stafford Loan Interest

Word at this point is very tentative, but here is what I know.

The leadership of the House of Representatives (read
Gingrich, Kasich, et. al.) has passed word down to Representative
Goodling (R-PA) that his committee should find $12.5 billion in
savings (I assume over the next five years). The simplest way to
do this is to eliminate the in-school interest subsidy, or Stafford
Loan Interest Exemption. I estimate that this will cost American
families over $20 billion in increased loan and interest costs
over the next five years.

Also, this will increase student loan indebtedness 20-50%!
This is an incredible cost to students from working families, and
will prove to be a tremendous drain on the national economy.

It is vitally important that you, your co-workers, your
family, your friends, and your constituents take the time to call
your congressperson now and tell them to vote against eliminating
the Stafford Loan Interest Exemption. The vote is tentatively
scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 15, JUST ONE SHORT WEEK

All members of Congress should hear from ALL CONSTITUENTS, but
here are the main targets, the members of the House Education and

Economic Opportunities Committee:
All phone numbers are 202/225-

William F. Goodling (Chair)(Pennsylvania) 1743
Thomas Petri (Wisconsin) 2476
Marge Roukema (New Jersey) 4465
Steve Gunderson (Wisconsin) 5506
Harris Fawell (Illinois) 3515
Cass Ballenger (North Carolina) 2576
Bill Barrett (Nebraska) 6435
Randy Cunningham (California) 5452
Peter Hoekstra (Michigan) 4401
Howard (Buck) McKeon (California) 1956
Michael Castle (Delaware) 4165
James Talent (Missouri) 2561
Lindsay Graham (South Carolina) 5301
Dave Weldon (Florida) 3671
David Funderburk (North Carolina) 4531
#012#Mark Edward Souder (Indiana) 4436
#012#David M. McIntosh (Indiana) 3021
Frank Riggs (California) 3311
Jan Meyers (Kansas) 2865
James C. Greenwood (Pennsylvania) 4276
Sam Johnson (Texas) 4201

William Clay (Ranking Member) (Missouri) 2406
George Miller (California) 2095
Dale Kildee (Michigan) 3611
Pat Williams (Montana) 3211
Matthew Martinez (California) 5464
Major Owens (New York) 6231
Thomas Sawyer (Ohio) 5231
Donald Payne (New Jersey) 3436
Patsy Mink (Hawaii) 4906
Robert E. Andrews (New Jersey) 6501
Jack Reed (Rhode Island) 2735
Tim Roemer (Indiana) 3915
Eliot Engel (New York) 2464
Xavier Becerra (California) 6235
Robert Scott (Virginia) 8351
Gene Green (Texas) 1688
Lynn Woolsey (California) 5161
Carlos Romero-Barcelo (Puerto Rico) 2615
Mel Reynolds (Illinois) 0773

As spring break is a problem for many of you, please make the
extra effort on this issue. There has never been a financial aid
issue as important.

If you need more information or you have questions, please

UCLEGDIR@macc.wisc.edu or phone 800/208-2490.

Please make every effort to attend USSA's Annual Legislative
Conference in Washington, DC, March 17-20. Three days of Workshops
and trainings will culminate in the national Lobby Day March 20
where hundreds of students are expected to hit Capitol Hill to
lobby against cuts in Federal Financial Aid.

For more information, contact GalanisJ@aascu.nche.edu or call


Please forward this message to everyone you know, ASAP.

This is the largest single cut to Financial Aid EVER!

-Sachin Chheda
United States Student Association - National Executive Committee#012# United
Council of U. of Wisconsin Student Gov'ts - Legislative#012#Affairs Director


March 8, 1995 - UPDATE!!


Apparently, in an effort to meet the deadline imposed by the
Republican leadership on passing the Contract with America, House
Republicans will try to bypass the normal budgetary process and
pass legislation very soon that includes the elimination of the
interest exemption.

Claudio Sanchez of NPR, it turns out, had the inside track. I
should have known better than to think NPR was wrong!

NOTES BELOW (See Appendix A & B) from the American Council on
Education explain much of what is going on.

ACTION NEEDED: Contact your member of Congress and tell them that

you oppose the elimination of the interest exemption being
contemplated by the House Economic & Educational Opportunities
Committee and the House Budget Committee.

* Be polite.

* Explain how critical the interest exemption and other student
aid is to you, personally.

* Explain how increases in the cost of student loans will make
it more difficult for you to remain in school and more
difficult when you graduate.

* Explain that you know of many of your friends who are just
getting by and that to increase the cost of student loans
might lead them to leave school.

* Emphasize that you believe that this benefits the middle class
in a way that most other governmental programs do not.
Explain that you do not understand why the government would
take away such a wonderful middle class incentive to go to

If you are in the district of a member of the Education & Economic
Opportunities Committee, your calls are even more urgently needed.



#012# Appendix A

08-Mar-95 15:10 CST
Fm: "David Merkowitz, American Council on Education

Kevin: It seems Claudio Sanchez was right. We learned today that
Goodling will introduce a proposal in the Economic and Educational
Opportunities Committee this week to eliminate the student interest
exemption. Apparently, Petri then plans to introduce a proposal
to move to 100 percent direct lending to capture the equivalent
savings and preserve the interest exemption; he also may propose
that all student loan repayments be made income contingent.

The possibility is that the committee will approve the Goodling
proposal and move it directly to the floor.

In addition, the House Budget Committee will hold a hearing next

Tuesday with Bill Bennett, Lamar Alexander, and Riley, who has
asked Bob Atwell to appear with him.

I'm in Arizona with Bob Atwell, who told me he just learned about
this. The governmental relations people in Washington are meeting
right now. Obviously, we will need a very strong response targeted
at Goodling and other members of the committee -- not just from
grad students but from everybody we can get. You should try to be
in touch with Terry Hartle to discuss what is happening and how to

Keep me copied on any of your e-mail.


Appendix B

08-Mar-95 15:13 CST
Sb: Re: Our 3/7 Update - 3 pgs.
Fm: "Terry Hartle, American Council on Education

Kevin: The bill out of the Opportunities Committee is intended to
be folded together to make a single bill that will include the
Republican tax cut that was promised in the Contract with America.
Even the House Republicans expect the Senate to ignore this bill,
but they figure that this way the House Reps. can say that they
kept their promise. They are betting that the public won't see how
there bills are, they will, however, see that the Reps have kept
their word.

It's time to carpet bomb the House Opportunities Committee with
phone calls. Goodling and Mckeon especially. Phone calls, not
letters. I gave Tony some talking points that may be useful.
Please keep the message simple -- too much complexity gets
garbled. Encourage folks to look at the talking points and THEN
call. Calls should be directed to the education staffer for the
#012#members (not just the receptionist). If that person is not in, ask
for the legislative director, the chief of staff, or the members
personal secretary.

- forwarded courtesy of Liza Kessler, chair, National Graduate and
Professional Students Caucus, USSA Board of Directors

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