more SfAA info

Thu, 30 Jun 1994 11:13:24 -0600

A further note to the information I sent out regarding the SfAA 1995 annual
meeting. David W. Hartman is organizing a session on "Problems and
Prospects of Teaching/Learning in Unique Enviornments: Case Studies"
Anthropological techniques, methods, and theory teach us how to understand
behavior within unique contexts that are conditioned by the social and
cultural milieux in which the "action" originates and occurs. Because of
our perspective, anthropologists. If anyone is interested in this area
and has a paper to present, please contact David at:

Institute of Anthropology
University of North Texas
PO Box 5428
Denton, TX 76203
e-mail Hartman@SCS.UNT.EDU
FAX: 817 565-4663
TELE: 817 565-4663

I also forgot to add in the original notice that if you are interested in
making reservations at the Albuquerque Hilton the numbers are
1-800-336-3676 or local # 505-988-2811. Make sure you mention that you are
attending the SfAA meeting so that you will get the conference rate.

One more thing and then I will go away. I'll be leaving on vacation
starting about noon on the 7th of July and won't be back in my office until
the 25th of July. I will sign off temporarily on e-mail until I get back.
If you need anything after that date, contact Deward Walker at
walkerde@spot. phone (303) 492-6719 fax (303)
492-7970 or Department of Anthropology, CU-Boulder, Campus Box 233,
Boulder, CO 80309-0233