Re: does world need another anthropologist?

David Houston (dhouston@MOOSE.UVM.EDU)
Tue, 28 Jun 1994 14:12:24 -0400

As one in a similar vein, I will offer a minimal reply...
> a pretty strong thinker. I've done lots of different things for a
> living, but have never made a total commitment to one field yet.
Don't! Be interdiscipliary!

And then:
> So my questions are, is there room in the world for another
> anthropologist?
It doesn't matter. I read "Practice of the Wild" by Gary Snyder & got an
eloquent insight into what being an Anthropologist really means....
It's not the $, it's not the power or prestige, it's a way to THINK...
It's a wonderfully broad intellectual "coney island"... if you let it be
David Houston