Re: your mail

Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU)
Tue, 28 Jun 1994 15:05:19 +1000

I thought the reason Bob Graber posted his reply to the whole list was
obvious - he knew he was saying something controversial and he wanted
others on the list to have the chance to disagree with him.

The volume on this list *is* pretty high, but I think that's inevitable
on a list with such a general topic.

> I've even crazily imagined
> writing a program to download all the mail automatically, store them in a
> database and index them. Lists and bulletin boards create a whole new form of
> human conversation, one which could theoretically be permanently archived and
> and analysed.

I already do this - all mail I receive from the anthro-l list gets
put in a separate file to my main mail feed. (This is necessary, as
I receive almost 100 mail items a day.) So I have four months backlog
of the darwin-l list to read - one rainy day I'll sit down and read
it all. Most mailing lists *are* permanently archived - anthro-l
isn't because Hugh doesn't have the disk space, but when I've got
things set up better I'm going to offer to do it for him.

Your mailer may already support pre-processing of mail. If not, your
system's mail delivery agent may - check with your system administrator.

> But, of course, that's even more crazy than the time I spend
> playing ghost.

Heh, I used to waste enourmous amounts of time playing netrek and

Danny Yee.