Another anthro?

John Ford (John.Ford@JCU.EDU.AU)
Tue, 28 Jun 1994 09:35:47 +1000

Dara, the Q for me was ... does the world need a 55 year anthro grad?
Answer: Probably not.
But thats not why I choose to stay with anthro. I made the choice between
a job and what interested me. I settled for me.
Regardless of the future, whether I get a job on anthro or not - I feel
the knowledge I have gained stimulating and exhilarating - I have made
many new and fond friends _ and I can laugh at some of the activites of
the world _ but I can also get terribly depressed at some of the other
things I see unfolding. Anthropology is like that.
Its your decision - whatever you do don't blame anthro for not getting
you a job. Perhaps I sound too negative; perhaps. Once you made the
decision - go for it. I did and I have no regrets.