Warfare: Origins

Mon, 27 Jun 1994 17:48:19 EDT

I for one, thought Bob Graber's "No, you should not become an
anthropologist..." was hilarious and had just finished posting a print out on
our bulletin board when I saw Jackson Roper's reply. Still, the problem of an
abundance of mail from an abundance of lists does get severe. The whole
process of reading these list discussions is both problematic and
fascinating. If you're not actually particpating, as is my regular case, its
like being a ghost in a hallway conversation. I've even crazily imagined
writing a program to download all the mail automatically, store them in a
database and index them. Lists and bulletin boards create a whole new form of
human conversation, one which could theoretically be permanently archived and
and analysed. But, of course, that's even more crazy than the time I spend
playing ghost.

Doug Black