Re: does world need another anthropologist?

Mon, 27 Jun 1994 13:18:54 CDT

No, you should not become an anthropologist. Getting advanced degrees
is a relatively risky undertaking--much less rationalized than in fields
such as medicine or law. You can run afoul of nasty professors who
will sabotage your whole career. If you avoid all the political and
personality pitfalls and get a Ph.D., it will only entitle you to
compete with a million or so other misguided souls for a few openings
that offer precious little wealth or power. (For some reason, the
prestige of academia is out of proportion to the tangible rewards it
offers.) If you want money, you should go into banking, insurance, or
real estate. If you want power, you should choose politics or the
corporate world; in either case, a law or business degree is what you
need. If you want to help people, be a missionary or social worker; but
be advised that the money and perks are no good. If you want security
and the feeling that you are helping people, medicine and law are good.
I am continually surprised/amused at the number of missionary spirits
who think anthropology is a particularly good way to "help people."
Heck, become a missionary or social worker and study a little anthro on
the side. On the other hand, if you love anthropology for some reason,
go for it. That's the only good reason. If you do, may the Force be
with you. --Bob Graber