fellowships in Australia

Mon, 27 Jun 1994 14:53:27 +1200

The Bulletin from the Humanities Research Centre at Australian National
University in Canberra just arrived and I thought some of you Northerners
making leave plans might be interested.

The HRC theme for 1996 is Culture and Science "exploring dialogues between
various strands of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences in
both western and non-western contexts". HRC offers Visiting Fellowships
(deadline for '96 is 31 Oct 94) with travel and stipend, visiting
scholarships with travel money--in both cases they give you an office and
lots of free time to get on with your work, for the "price" of a
work-in-progress seminar.

Each year the HRC sponsors 2-3 thematic conferences as well as some others.
The theme for 1995 is Africa. Conferences are Pre-Colonial achievements
(10-12 June), Texts for Understanding the African Past (3-6 July) and
What's Happening in Africa Today (28-30 Sept, in Sydney).

Coming up soon is a conference on Representation & Freedom (16-17 Sept,
book by 2 Sept) to be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on
Circular Quay. I'd go just for the location!

Contact: Centre Administrator
Canberra, ACT 0200

FAX (06)248 0054

Sorry, they don't give an e-mail address.