palynologist looking for work

Fri, 24 Jun 1994 11:44:00 -0500

Hello my name is Stephen Porter and I am a recent graduate of the
University of Regina with my Master's of Science in Physical Geography.
I specialized in the reconstruction of paleoenvironments using various
techniques (dendroclimatology, palynology and ostracodology). I am
currently looking for employment within these fields either as a
research/lab assistant or on a consultant basis. I have extensive field
and laboratory experience as well as excellent research and computer
skills. I have included my resume for your perusal, please feel free
to distribute it to anyone you may feel appropriate. Further contacts
or job search suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I may be
contacted at the phone number or address listed below or by E-mail
at .

Stephen C. Porter 2514 Edgar St. Regina, SK. Canada, (306)584-1258

Position Sought
Laboratory or Research Assistant in a Paleoenvironmental Lab.

* Several years experience in the operation and maintenance
of a wet lab.

* Research experience in Dendroclimatology, Palynology, and

* Trained in field and laboratory methodology with a strong
knowledge of analytical and statistical techniques using PC's.

* Strong interpersonal and communication skills giving the
ability to work productively, independently or in team efforts.


Master of Science Bachelor of Science, Honours
Major: Geography Major: Geography, High Honours
University of Regina University of Regina
Regina, SK. Canada Regina, SK. Canada
1994 1990

Thesis Title: A Reconstruction Thesis Title: A Dendroclimato-
of Holocene Environments Based logical Investigation of the
on Ostracodes, Harris Lake West Block of the Cypress Hills,
Watershed, Cypress Hills, Southwestern Saskatchewan.

Work Experience

Computer Instructor April 1994 - Present (Personal Contract)
Instructed adult education courses in DOS, advanced DOS and
computer applications. Compiled course curriculum and presented
material to groups ranging in size from two to eight individuals.

Botanical Assistant Jun-Jul 1993 (Sask Conser. DataCentre)
Performed field checks of rare vascular plants in southern Sask.
ensuring accuracy in the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Center's
database. Also performed Q/C checks on data mapped and recorded
within the BCD.

Research Consultant Jan-Jul 1993 (Personal Contract)
Conducted all laboratory work involved in the preparation of three
lacustrine sediment cores for palynological analysis. Completed
all pollen identification prior to environmental interpretation.

Research Consultant Feb 1991-Sept 1992 (Personal Contract)
Performed all aspects of a palynological investigation into the
recent vegetative history of Moose Mountain Provincial Park, SW SK.
This included research proposal submission, lake coring, sediment
sampling, sediment preparation, pollen identification, pollen
profile interpretation and report writing. The report aided in the
creation and implementation of a vegetation management plan by TAEM

Research Assistant May-Aug 1990 (Dept. of Geog. U of R)
Collaborated on a project employing Arc/Info (GIS) to automate
forest harvesting and management in the West Block of the Cypress
Hills, SW SK. Automation was based upon defined selection and
exclusion criteria.

Research Assistant Apr-Jun 1990 (Dept. of Geog. U of R)
Researched a historical geographical investigation of American
resident migration into Saskatchewan during the early 1900's,
employing Canadian border crossing records.

Teaching Assistant Sept 1992-Apr 1993, Sept (Dept. of Geog.
1989-Apr 1990, Jan-Apr 1989 U of R)
Instructed weekly seminars for Geography 100 and 221 (Introductory
and Physical Geography). This included laboratory preparation
lecturing and grade evaluation for classes ranging from 25 to 40

Research Assistant May-Aug 1989 (Dept. of Geog. U of R)
Attended a class in dendrochronological techniques at the University
of Colorado Mountain Research Station, Boulder, Colorado and employ-
ed learned techniques for dendroclimatological reconstruction in my
undergrad thesis and in examination of drought occurence in SW SK.

Research Assistant May-Aug 1988 (Dept. of Geog. U of R)
Contributed to the establishment of a high density digital elevation
model (DEM) of the Regional Municipalities of Gull Lake and Webb in

Research Assistant May 1987-Jun 1988 (Dept. of Geog. U of R)
Synthesized and executed all methods and techniques involved in the
preparation of lacustrine sediments for pollen analysis. Self-
taught pollen identification techniques to identify all pollen
grains encountered in processed sediment samples.

Awards and Scholarships
* Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Post-Graduate
Scholarship 1990-1992.

* Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Undergraduate
Summer Research Award 1989.

* Royal Canadian Geographical Society Research Grant 1988.

* Dean's Honour List 1986, 1988.

* General Proficiency Scholarships 1986, 1988 and 1989.

Written Works
(available for perusal on request)

Porter,S.C. & Sauchyn,M.A. 1992. Moose Mountain Palynology Study:
Final Report. Prepared for Terrestrial and Aquatic Environmental
Managers, 17p.

Sauchyn,D.J. & Porter,S.C. 1992. Pre-Settlement Precipitation
Variability in Southeastern Alberta and Southwestern
Saskatchewan. Final Report to the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation
Administration. An Environmental Sustainability Initiative Project

Sauchyn,D.J., Gauthier,D., Porter,S.C. and Keith,R.J. 1991. Cypress
Hills Geographic Information Systems Pilot Project. Center for
Geographic Information Analysis, Dept. of Geog., University
of Regina, 10p.

Conference Involvement

1991 Chaired a session on Dendrochronology at the AAG Great
Plains-Rocky Mountain Division Conference in Laramie, Wyoming.


Porter,S.C. & Sauchyn,D.J. 1991. Climatic Reconstruction from a 213-
Year Ring-Width Chronology, Cypress Hills, Northern Great Plains.
Presented at the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Division Annual
meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Laramie, Wyoming

Sauchyn,D.J. and Porter,S.C. 1990. Recent Environmental Change, Western
Cypress Hills, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Presented at the First
Joint Meeting of the Canadian Quaternary Association and the
American Quaternary Association, Waterloo, Ontario.


Porter,S.C. 1992. A Holocene Environmental Reconstruction of Harris
Lake Watershed, Based on Ostracodes. Presented at the 2nd Palliser
Triangle Global Change Conference, November 13-15, Regina, SK.

Sauchyn,D.J. & Porter,S.C. 1994. Dendrochronology in the Cypress Hills,
A Treed Upland Amid the Semiarid Interior Plains of Canada.
Presented at the International Conference on Tree Rings,
Environment, and Humanity: Relationships and Processes. May 17-21,
Tucson, Arizona.

Computer Skills

* Proficient in the following software: Microsoft Word 5.5, Word
Perfect 5.1, Harvard Graphics 3.1, Grapher, QuattroPro 3.1,
Minitab, SAS, Arc/Info (GIS), Alpha 4, Windows.

Activities and Interests

* Cycling, Astronomy, Oenology, Woodworking, Hiking.