Definition of Acculturation:

Alan Hotte (ahotte@ZEUS.MED.UOTTAWA.CA)
Mon, 20 Jun 1994 11:08:50 -0400

Assistance with definition and measurement of acculturation:

As a new member and novice in matters anthropological I would like
to explore the current state of opinion on how 'acculturation' has been
defined in anthropology. Is acculturation a 'fuzzy' concept like
assimilation or integration that can only be defined in relative rather
than absolute terms? (Neuwirth, 1994 personal commnunication) If absolute
definitions are a possibility are there any better definitions than the
classic definition proposed by Redfield, Linton & Herskovitz (1936) :
'...when groups of individuals having different cultures come into
continuous first hand contacts, with subsequent changes in the
original cultural pattern of either or both groups.'
Finally, any input on the dimensions of measurement of acculturation whether
relative or absolute would also be most helpful. The source of this
interest in acculturation is a research project in an applied health setting
which is attempting to consider acculturation as an aspect of practice.
Thank you very much for considering this issue, Alan Hotte