Constructivism in Archaeology

Sun, 19 Jun 1994 12:11:00 GMT

Hello everybody,

I am currently writing an article about Constructivism in archaeology.
By this I refer to recent approaches within the Sociology of Scientific
Knowledge (Social Constructionism) as well as to Radical Constructivism
as a psycho/epistemological standpoint.

The main idea is that knowledge about the past is constructed and does not
reflect a past *as it really was*. At least we can't possibly tell, since
we can't transcend our own historicity.

I would appreciate very much if you could let me know any articles or books
on that topic, or possibly for related subjects such as history. I have
seen a book advertised in the One World Archaeology series (Routledge) due
for publication in August, on the Social Construction of Archaeology (or
similar) -- perhaps somebody knows more about this (any authors on the list?).
Are there debates on Constructivism in anthropology?

Cornelius Holtorf,
MA Programme in Archaeological Theory
University of Wales, Lampeter