Electronic Journals

Fri, 17 Jun 1994 00:40:54 EDT

This maybe a way to make electronic journals available in
developing countries. If universities or other public
institutions in developing countries could subscribe to computer
disk versions of these journals at a nominal cost, and there
would be no need to depend on quirky telephone systems. Hard
copies, could be printed locally and photo copies could be
distributed to interested readers. this would be far cheaper
than the standard journals and could be more widely distributed.
Bombay and Bangalor are major centers of computer software
development; IBM and other major companies are there. It might
be possible for universities in South Asia to enlist the help, of
one of these companies. Here in the United States, IBM routinely
donates computers and printers to community organizations in
which their employees play a major role, other large companies
make donations to organizations in their community. It's all
good business, so why not try it in poor countries.