Thu, 16 Jun 1994 13:20:06 -0400

>Steele and other's idea on commercial anthropology television - also add
>radio talk shows - has to be a stroke of genius. As a person who has
>worked professionally in advertising, marketing, public relations, Theatre
>(actor and director in NY) and had some contact with the film and TV
>industry ages ago in Hollywood . . . this has to be the idea of the
>By all means, it needs to be pursued vigorously . . .
>If there is some way to tie it into law enforcement and real-people
> dramatizations . . . or the growing interest in magic and psychic/religion . .
> . it is
>an instant hit.
>John O'Brien

I can see it now! ANTHRO TV! I don't think the profession has the $$$ to go
for buying an entire cable channel or TV superstation... maybe we could try
and rent a few hours or so each week on the Discovery Channel. They could
squeeze it in between "Terra X" and "Ancient Mysteries."

But in all seriousness - you visual anthropologists out there know there
are lots of good documentaries that just ain't being bought up by PBS, A &
E, Discovery, or any of the so-called 'educational channels.' That's why we
need our own little weekly network slot.

ANTHRO TV could show visual anthro documentaries; maybe have an occasional
talk show ("Talking Anthro with Hugh Jarvis! Today's guest - Dan Foss!");
could have a segment for anthro news programming ("Today in Anthro: Triple
A's ruined by Sick Building Syndrome); could have an occasional review
show to talk about books, journals, and conferences; and most importantly
could educate the public by having segments offering anthro perspectives
they don't get on CNN...

Anybody have any ideas how much it costs to get some airtime on the
Discovery Channel? Would we have to find advertisers for our program?
Canter & Siegal might be willing...

You know, if and when cable gets 'wired' into the Net, maybe ANTHRO TV can
even be an interactive channel... and carry E-conferencing. Hey, wouldn't
that be great!

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