Call For Participation

xanim (xanim@BLKBOX.COM)
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 16:25:41 -0500

Below is a Call For Participation in a general brain base being
established with the cooperation of numerous individuals involved in
specialized activities. We would be very pleased to have further
representation from your specialty.

Accord Services, Inc., with The Longevity Foundation, is
establishing an Internet-based archive to record the knowledge
(perceptions, attitudes, insights) of participating individuals.
This resource will be used in conjunction with specialized
software to coordinate creative problem solving for the persons
themselves as well as to provide innovative solutions for problems
involving differing groups of people. All thinking men and women
are urged to join in this intelligent activity for the purpose of
improving life on Earth.

We have coined a word. To brimble is to BRing IMagination
into Being for Longevity Effect, thus supplying brimblations
ranging from the simple to the complex, from the personal to the
global. Yes, the various religions, tribes, personalities may
have good intentions, but there is no effective procedure whereby
they communicate harmoniously so as to act together constructively.
We live in a real, practical world, often involving unnecessary
violence. Some 33 years ago, The Longevity Foundation was formed with
the idealistic mission to promote research in human survival, now
realized to be broadly dependent on the health of all life forms,
as well as the planet Earth itself. Some 12 years ago, the powerful
methodology, GIST (Guided Inquiry System Technique), a balance of
analysis and intuition, was applied by the U.S. National Aeronautics
and Space Administration (NASA) to organize the first entry of plant
life into deep, outer space.

With Xanim's substantial relation to The Greatest All, he immediately
perceived the abundant benefits of joining these two, the goodwill of
Longevity and the practical power of GIST, and he brought them together
in the soul of Accord Services, Inc., managed as such not only for profit
but also for the common good which naturally results (half the profits
will go the Foundation). Accord then created the Brimbler Mind System
(BMS), which enables the Brimbler, assisted through GIST to make use of
both the left and the right brain, to correlate, generate, develop, and
document new ideas.

BMS, as further discussed in Brimbler GIST Tips (BGT), is suitable
both for individual and collaborative use. Its major advantages are
that it is self-organizing, parallel, distributed, and scalable.
Collaboration may be through informal e-mail, phone call, meeting, or
formal local/wide-area networks. Decision may be made to transfer
information from one level to another, further subdivide for future
correlation, revise for more accurate definition, or assign specific
responsibilities to others. On selecting an issue for consideration,
the first step is to provide a small number of rubrics (terms),
preferably four. One may rely on a previously created BMS template or
begin anew. For example, we have the "Four Freedoms" of speech, of
religion, from want, and from fear, included in the United Nations
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but they are taken, for the
most part, as ideals, meriting no more than lip-service. BMS, in
correspondence with the worthy goals of The Longevity Foundation,
provides the means to take these freedoms seriously and use them to
resolve matters of worldly significance.

In summary, BMS provides the following:

a) information structured into patterns, appropriately
proportioned to minimize confusion and maximize comprehension;

b) overall perspective such that a single idea does not dominate
at expense of others equally as pertinent;

c) collective, associative collaboration between system and mind,
as well as among diverse Brimblers;

d) intuitive navigation through natural, conscious and
synchronistic, subconscious aspects toward achievement of
worthwhile, innovative results.

As a first step in what some, pessimistic or unknowing, will appraise
as a most ambitious, grandiose process, we are establishing a Brimbler
Brain Base (BBB) from "knowledge" of those with the intelligence and
goodwill to respond to our initial Calls For Participation. Remember,
however, that it is both intelligence AND goodwill which are required.
Brimblers must take an oath not to use the glorious capability herein
developed for any evil, destructive, violent end. What we need from you
is a commitment to proceed with us seriously as much as you are able, in
good humor, of course, and without neglecting your health and family
responsibilities. Sit down now, take a walk, if you like, but think
about how to describe what you can contribute, knowledge-wise, in four
topics suitable for inclusion in our BBB index.

It is planned that we will have, as necessary, all the paraphernalia of
the Internet, including formal mailing lists, newsgroups, bulletin
boards. Longevity participants have access to diverse others of their
Brimbler ilk through the BBB. They will receive Brimbler GIST Tips
(free) and get discounts on helpful Omega Publications (including The
Greatest All) and Accord Thinkware (including SuperGIST Software).
Neither of the latter is necessary for BBB participation.

Nor are donations to the Foundation required, but they are welcome, with
donors receiving the planned monthly Longevity Newsletter, updating and
summarizing our worthwhile activities. Foundation goals may be stated as:

Express creative Intelligence through Imagination.
Experience effective Progress through Truth.
Exercise sensitive Morality through Love.
Exhibit decisive Perseverance through Will.

What we really would like is your "brain" broken down into just four
arenas of mental expertise. Now, maybe that can't be done, which is OK.
Then, let's take something important to you, and you break that down
into four arenas wherein you might contribute. We can give you another
four later, associated with another part of you. But, in any event,
let's try to take one entity and present it "analytically", i.e., so
it's "all" there, as far as your contribution is concerned, broken down
into four. GIST works best, both individually and interactively, if we
start out with four rubrics (arenas). When we have such "analyses" from
the numerous responding individuals, we can proceed to the next step,
including further discussion/explanation of newsletter and software
interactive benefits. Not only will the interactions be worthwhile,
leading mayhap to innovation; they will be fun besides.

As specific examples of rubric selection, a United Nations staff member

The United Nations
information technology
social futures
organizational change

a 13-year-old girl set forth:

computer science
higher dimensions

a young sales manager chose:

board games

a management consultant gave us:

work processes
behavior patterns

We must get people thinking together productively, not fighting
destructively. I hope that I have gotten it over to you. Please
send me your four topics through e-mail (