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Tue, 14 Jun 1994 14:38:16 EST

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Subject: Retreats, etc.

Thanks, Vance, for your report on your time at Getsemani. You are fortunate
that it is rather close to you. You made me yearn to travel east and
check it out.

I think it might be a nice idea if folks on Merton-L report back if they
visit a monastic community or go on retreat this summer...just to pass on
experiences, reflections and news of monastic communities. I also enjoyed
hearing of Peggy Sue's experience with the IHM's.

It so happens we have made a spur of the moment decision to visit Santa Fe
for a couple of days the first week of July. We plan to make visits to two
Benedictine monasteries: 1) Pecos (very near Santa Fe) and 2) Monastery of
Christ in the Desert (3 hrs north of Santa Fe). I want to give both
communities news of Merton-L and ask if they would like to join. I'm pretty
sure Pecos has modem capabilities and doubt C in the D is up and at it.
It would be nice to get some input from these two wonderful communities and
maybe their I will pass the word on to them. I will also
make a point to look at the unpublished handwritten manuscript that C in
the D has and find out what it's about, etc. and pass that information on.

Sue, you certainly have my prayers for your mother.

May I ask your prayers for myself and the staff of the UCLA School of Nursing.
We are being forced to take a 30% overall cut. I was told today that we
will go from a staff of about 16 state funded staff to 9 (maybe 11). Of
course I am terribly afraid of being laid off (I've been through 2 layoffs
elsewhere). Most of our lecturers will lose their jobs and it seems that
the assistant professors who were up for tenure in the Fall will not
receive tenure and will lose their jobs in 1 year's time. It's an awful
situation for the School, but, from my perspective it's awful for the
lives involved in this cut. We have many unwed mothers and folks like myself
who live somewhat on the edge most of the time. I have been blessed with
an inheritance from my mother and have savings but hate to fritter that
away. I am reminded of that old "Christian" saying: when one door closes
another opens. That might be a nice sentiment but not when one's neck is
on the block. Here again is another desert experience. I am happy that
I have my sojourn to New Mexico planned even if I get laid off. That I
refuse to give up. Anyway, prayers would be appreciated and I'll let you
know how it works out.

Sue, keep us posted on your mother.

Peace to all,
Nancy Siris-Rawls