Re: E-publish or perish

Tue, 14 Jun 1994 11:43:00 PDT

Wilson writes:

" Instead of personnel
officers dependent of publish-or-perish-in-prestigious-journals, how
about an annual review for all profs (tenured or not) based on a peer
evaluation (peers= people in the same sub-field, but in different
universities) and on student evaluations (I'm tired of profs who can't
teach)? "

Actually, this is approximately what the University of California does. All
reviews begin with evaluation by departmental colleagues, and for major
reviews (tenure, promotion to full professor, promotion to upper full
professor) letters of evaluations are solicited from outsider reviewers in
the same field. Student input on teaching evaluation is required and has to
be substantial. Undoubtedly other universities use some variant on what we

The problem is not one of the persons, per se, who are involved in the review
process, but how do you deal with attempts to abuse the review process (which
is a real problem, even though in only a few cases).

D. Read