NEW: POLLEN-SWEDEN - Swedish Pollen Reports

Douglas B Hanson (dhanson@WORLD.STD.COM)
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 12:27:16 -0400

Thought this may be of interest to those of you who are palynologically
oriented. Enjoy! Doug Hanson

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Thought some of you might be interested in this.


The POLLEN-SWEDEN list is primarily intended as a means of
dissemination for the pollen reports prepared by the Palynological
Laboratory of the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Regular
reports, initially restricted to the Stockholm region, will be sent
to list members. The reports are written for the general public and
are intended to be useful, for example, to someone contemplating a
visit to Stockholm.

The list is also open as a forum for free discussion of anything of
interest in palynological work.

The list is not moderated and the names of list members will be
provided on request by the list host.

To subscribe, send a message to with the first non-
blank line containing the text:


Your subscription will be acknowledged with a more detailed text
about the list and its host service.

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